Company History

fgdphotoSince it’s inception in 1981, M&I has completed hundreds of installations for a variety of applications, where quality, performance and reliability are essential. M&I’s 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) and serves the M&I group of companies. Products and solutions that M&I has developed and supplied have been manufactured in-house. The largest unit that M&I has manufactured in this facility is a Roof Top Air Handling Unit for Yerkes Neuroscience Research Facility, U.S.A. This unit when assembled occupies approx. 5,000 Sq. Ft area (125′ x 40′) and weighs over 122,000 Kg.

M&I technology offers 3 major benefits to the utility industry/power plants which is ignored.

  1. Enhancement of existing environmental equipment performance viz.
    • SCR: improvement of mass fraction (NH3 + flue gas mixing over catalyst bed enabling optimum NOx reduction
    • ESP: pressure drop reduction and enhancement of ESP collection efficiency through uniform distribution of flue gas across electrodes
    • improvement of FGD/Scrubber performance
  2. Reduction in the plant draft loss providing direct reduction in the parasitic power loss. Further there could be a significant reduction in the cross section of the ducting enabling reduction in overall cost.
  3. Improvement in the performance of existing FD, ID and PA fans to provide up to 10-15% higher airflow from the same fan and motor.

M&I Power Technology, does not promote itself as being a CFD modeling company in the convensional sense. Rather, it provides the actual hardware at the jobsite either being manufactured at the M&I facility or at designated manufacturers’ facility by owners and consulting engineers under M&I supervision.

M&I only provides CFD modeling and 3-D drawings in the context of a possible contact in order to validate M&I’s concept over conventional concept. Besides, M&I has over 25 years of experience in the fan and ducting business furnishing over 100 million cfm to validate its concept in 48 States, including Boeing and Pentagon. M&I has also acted as an EPC contractor and is open for future projects up to $10-15 million involving key transition components (KTCs).