How can M&I help

plenummerges1What can M&I do for you?

M&I’s aero-acoustic diffusion system combines aerodynamics and acoustics to streamline the flow, regain the energy and absorb noise.

The patented diffusion system for energy savings and noise reduction can be used for Clean Air, Gas-Turbine Exhaust Gases, Flue-Gas and other Dust-Laden Process Gases. Therefore, such systems find application in various industries including Power, Cement, Petro-Chemicals, Refinery, Metallurgical and other Process Industries.

We are confident that we can provide a solution that meets your specific requirements.

How can M&I help?

The areas where M&I would be able to assist and develop solutions are given below:
• Review pressure/draft loss in Q existing plant design
• Perform preliminary calculations and suggest design modifications
• Analyze plant draft system or inlet/discharge system of equipment backed-up by mathematical modeling
• Develop solutions and prepare new layout
• Manufacture and supply the solution developed by M&I

Application of M&I Solution

M&I’s aero-acoustic technology finds application in industries where movement of air/flue gas is involved.
The industries covered by M&I are:

• Power
• Steel & Metallurgical Industries
• Pellet Plants
• Aluminum
• Petrochemicals
• Mining Ventilation
• Refinery
• Pulp & Paper
• Biomass based Power Plants
• Chemical Industries
• Glass

Other M&I Expertise

• Consulting services for flow analysis and CFD solutions
• Flow improvement solutions