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Welcome to M&I Power Technology

M&I Power Technology Inc., a member of M&I group of companies, is an innovative technology driven solution provider in the area of Air and Flue-gas movement. M&I’s solutions help to reduce flow induced vibrations, losses and noise encountered in plant and equipment ducting systems.. The company has a solid reputation based upon dedicated research, development and manufacturing of unique air flow products. Since it’s inception in 1981, M&I has completed hundreds of installations for a variety of applications, where quality, performance and reliability are essential. M&I’s background and technology is well suited for the gas turbine power generation field.

M&I developed numerous products in the air movement field, especially vane axial and centrifugal fan systems, and has been able to improve the overall system efficiency, utilizing flow field technology. Many other associated products were developed in the air moving technology.

M&I’s goal/objective goes far beyond the traditional shipment of components and accepting warranty obligations to taking complete functional and design responsibility of all the systems that M&l manufactures and puts to beneficial use.